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SAS Priority Cargo

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Product description

Time Optimized

For shipments requiring instant capacity, premium handling and speed.

Product features

Dedicated network

SAS Priority Cargo is offered on all SAS flight and trucks. SAS is continuously working to expand this network to meet your business needs.

With SAS Priority Cargo you get prioritized access to capacity, even when demand is high. Furthermore, SAS Priority Cargo is a must fly product and SAS Cargo will go the extra mile to ensure that your shipment is loaded as planned and arrives at the destination as agreed.

Shortest possible handling times

SAS Priority Cargo export- import and transfer handling times are the shortest possible. This provides the flexibility of late acceptance, early recovery and quick transfer.  
Typically, handling times are 120 minutes for short and medium haul flights, and 180 minutes for long haul flights.
The actual LAT and TOA will appear when booking your specific shipment online.  For specific information regarding handling agents, please go to Station and Contact Information.

Quick tail-to-tail transfer

At our Scandinavian hubs (CPH/STO/OSL), dedicated quick transfer teams ensure that your SAS Priority Cargo shipment is handled individually, when connection times are short.

Money-Back Guarantee

SAS Priority Cargo is provided with Money-Back Guarantee.

This means that the Weight Charge (excluding Fuel & Security and surcharges) of the shipment can be refunded subject to the terms below, should the shipment not be at the destination at the originally planned time of arrival plus 4 hours.
Refund must be requested by Shipper according to the following rules:

  • Shipment must be accepted for carriage no later than LAT
  • TOA plus 4 hours is counted during opening hours
  • Money back is valid where the entire transport is operated by SK flights or SK trucks

Money-Back Guarantee is not applicable in the event of force majeure circumstances, including but not limited to war, natural disasters, strikes, and unexpected technical issues.


To ensure a prioritized and reliable performance for all SAS Priority Cargo shipments, certain limitations apply.

More product features

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