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Tracking and monitoring

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As per AMC1 CAT.GEN.MPA.140 (e), operators should ensure that C-PED's and cargo tracking devices are maintained in good and safe condition. An inspection of every cargo tracking device by the operator is not needed for this purpose.

It is however the responsibility of the shipper/freighter to ensure that cargo tracking devices maintained in good and safe condition and the battery is not damaged.

Devices such as radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and temperature loggers, which are not capable of generating a dangerous evolution of heat, may be transported when intentionally active. When active, these devices must meet defined standards for electromagnetic radiation to ensure that the operation of the device does not interfere with aircraft systems. The devices must not be capable of emitting disturbing signals (such as buzzing alarms, strobe lights, etc.) during transport.


The guidance document on the carriage of battery-powered cargo tracking devices and data-loggers has been revised to include reference to EASA guidance and the revised FAA advisory circular as well as to incorporate revisions to the 65nd edition (2024) of the IATA DGR. The guidance document has been further revised following the adoption of an exception from the application of the lithium battery mark on packages containing COVID-19 vaccines.

The guidance document also provides information to manufacturers of these active devices, users of the active devices and operators that must approve the carriage of active devices in cargo.

IATA Guidance Document - Battery powered Cargo Tracking Devices - Data Loggers


Following tracking devices are approved and acceptable for use on SAS Flights provided that they are used as intended, i.e. stowed with cargo or in/on ULD's.


Approved trackers and data loggers

Updated: 10APR2024


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Tracking and monitoring

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