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SAS Budget Cargo

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Product description

Cost optimized

For shipments that are less-time sensitive, above 500 kg and require no special handling.

Product features

Global network

SAS Budget Cargo is offered on selected SAS flight and trucks.  

Attractive rates

SAS Budget Cargo is offered for shipments of 500 kg or more and exclusively via SAS Cargo's Booking Portal, enabling a smooth and cost efficient service.


To provide attractive rates, SAS Budget Cargo has certain limitation, allowing a cost efficient service. 

Special handling

No content requiring special handling codes will be accepted, such as Dangerous goods, Temperature sensitive, Lithium batteries etc.  Exceptions: HER and HEA.
When booking your shipment on SAS Cargo’s Booking Portal the maximum dimensions and weights are checked. See Aircraft and ULD specifications


SAS Budget Cargo can only be booked via SAS Cargo's booking Portal. 


In case of no-show or low-show, the full weight charge for the booked shipment will be invoiced.
The difference between the booked and the tendered shipment will be invoiced separately outside CASS.

Acceptance and ready for carriage check

SAS Budget Cargo is a non refundable product, bookings cannot be changed. In case of cancelation the customer will be charged for original booked weight charges

Actual weight, dimensions and contents are checked against booking and Air waybill at acceptance. In case of discrepancies the forwarding agent will be contacted for re-booking and/or re-rating.

More product features

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SAS Budget Cargo

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