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E-AWB Implementation for export out of the Nordic countries

Together with 8 other carriers, SAS Cargo has made a joint launch to implement the electronic Air Waybill (e-AWB) for our export shipment out of the Nordic countries. Launch date was August 14.
In doing so we are moving towards paperless freight – e-freight, and the electronic AWB (e-AWB) is the first step in transitioning to e-freight.
To help and simplify the process all 9 carriers have agreed to use the same process in all countries. The process is called Single Process and is valid for hte nordic countries only.

Single process
In the FWB the Approved e-AWB Forwarders will add either special handling code: EAP or EAW. The Carriers will then add either ECC or ECP to the FWB before it is forwarded to the GHA:

  • ECP - If one of the legs require a paper AWB. Carrier is now responsible for printing the AWB
  • ECC if no legs require paper AWB documentation.

With this single process the forwarder does not have to be concerned about which lanes are available for eAWB.

Workshops have been held in all the Nordics countries and the presentation can be found here.
The workshop was held to help clarify any open questions regarding Single Process, requirements from Carrier and Ground Handling Agent perspective. What are the necessary steps for you as a Forwarder to be able to successfully send eAWB.
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FWB - the electronic Air Waybill

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