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SAS Allotment Cargo

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Product description

For recurrent and predictable traffic, at a fixed rate for a pre-defined period of time.

Product features

Allotments are offered based on:

  • Weight and volume
  • Pre-defined period of time
  • Origin and destination
  • Flights and weekdays assortment
  • Special contents, if applicable

Most product features and limitations are similar to those for SAS General Cargo, however exceptions may apply.

There are two options for SAS Allotment Cargo, depending on your needs:

Soft Block space agreement

  • Weight Charges, Fuel & Security, where applicable, and other miscellaneous charges will be invoiced for the tendered shipment
  • SAS Cargo reserves the right to amend the allotment size depending on actual utilization

Hard Block space agreement

  • Weight Charges including fuel and security surcharges will be invoiced for the entire allotment, irrespective of degree of utilization
  • The difference between the full allotment and the tendered shipment will be invoiced separately outside CASS

Dedicated network

Subject to availability, SAS Allotment Cargo is offered on all SAS flights and trucks.


When booking your shipment on SAS Cargo’s Booking Portal or via the 24/7 Customer Support Center, the maximum dimensions and weights will be checked. See Aircraft and ULD specifications.

Access to capacity

Handling times are fast and efficient but also allow for special handling depending on contents.
Typically, handling times are 180 min for short and medium haul flights, and 300 min for long haul flights.

The actual LAT and TOA will appear when booking your specific shipment online. For specific information regarding handling agents, please go to Station and Contact Information.


Fewest possible limitations apply to SAS Allotment Cargo to ensure a flexible service, however SAS Allotment Cargo is not offered DGR, LAR and BIG.

More product features

Read more about the allotment features by click the links on the right hand site.


Using the new SAS Cargo Booking Portal, you can request, book against, and Manage your Allotment Agreements. Click here for Allotment Request.

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Product specification

Special Handling Codes

Comparison of Hard and Soft Block Allotment

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