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SAS General Cargo

SAS Cargo, general cargo, vargo, freight

Product description

Optimized Flexibility

For shipments of most sizes and contents, to almost any destination in the world.

Product features

Global Network

SAS General Cargo is offered on all SAS flights and trucks. Our network is further extended through cooperation with our partners.

Flexible access to capacity

Capacity for SAS General Cargo can be booked and confirmed for individual shipments up to 30 days prior to departure.

Wide size and contents opportunities

SAS General Cargo is offered for all contents acceptable for air transportation under the IATA DGR and LAR rules.

Fast and efficient handling times

Handling times are fast and efficient but also allow for special handling depending on contents.

Typically, handling times are 180 minutes for short and medium haul flights, and 300 minutes for long haul flights.

The actual LAT and TOA will appear when the booking of you specific shipment has been made online. For specific information regarding handling agents, please go to Station and Contact information 


Fewest possible limitations apply to SAS General Cargo to ensure a flexible service.
Dangerous goods-CAO (cargo aircraft only) shipments are not accepted.

Acceptance and ready for carriage check

Actual weight, dimensions and content are checked against booking and Air Waybill at acceptance. In case of discrepancies the forwarding agent will be contacted for re-booking and/or re-rating.

More product features

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Product specification 

Special Handling Codes

SAS General Cargo

SAS Cargo General Conditions of Carriage for Cargo

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