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FWB - the electronic Air Waybill

FWB – the electronic Air Waybill

FWB (Freight Waybill) is an electronic copy of the Master Air Waybill (MAWB) which is being transmitted from agent to carrier. The most common format used to transport this information is EDI.   

Details of FWB and other EDI communications are defined by IATA and published in the IATA Cargo IMP Manual. This is available on
CargoIMP (Cargo Interchange Message Procedures) support all processes in freight handling. For example: Transfer of air waybill (Master AWB) data, flight manifest, shipment status, discrepancies, embargos, customs, CASS billing and settlement system, and dangerous goods information.

Your advantages:

  • Simplified and efficient Goods Acceptance
  • Better data quality with EDI ensures that all important and relevant data is registered and that all information is available. 
  • High-quality FWB data reduces accounting irregularities  
  • Sending a FWB is an automatic process – with no additional work pressures

For further information or question please contact our FWB expert group

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