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How to get started with e-AWB

Multilaterial Agreement

The first step to leave out the paper AWB is to sign the Multilateral Agreement. The agreement can be found on IATA's website Mutilaterial Agreement.

FWB quality check

When the agreement has been signed, contact SAS Cargo and we will conduct a FWB quality check. When the quality of your FWBs has been approved by SAS Cargo we will set you up in our system as an approved eAWB customer.

Activation Notice

SAS Cargo will send an Activation Notice with information on which lanes we have opened for eAWB. Only after this Activation Notice you can send eAWB.

What to remember in your FWB

  • Indication of which type of e-AWB – Special handling code: EAP/EAW EAP if your shipment needs accompanying papers. EAW when your shipment is without any paper.
  • Always send the FWB to SAS Cargo – SAS Cargo needs to add the ECC code to indicate to the GHA that this shipment is approved for e-AWB. If no ECC code is present in the FWB a paper AWB is needed. ECC code is an Airline code and only airlines should add this code.
  • Best scenario is to send FWB right before goods is being transferred to the Ground Handling Agent
  • Screening information is important to be stated in the FWB or FHL – this is done in the OCI field.

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FWB – the electronic Air Waybill

System Requirements

For further information or question please contact our eCommerce Manager