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Lithium batteries

Intercon embargo on RLI and RLM

Effective 01st of February 2019, there will be an embargo on the below UN numbers on all Scandinavian Airlines Intercontinental flights:

  • UN3481, falling under Section I of Packing Instruction 966/967, IMP code RLI

  • UN3091, falling under section I of Packing Instruction 969/970, IMP code RLM

Batteries being transported under Section II of PI966/967 and PI969/970 (ELI and ELM), are not affected by this embargo.



UN3090 and UN3480 (RBI and RBM) are forbidden on SAS aircrafts and must be transported on Cargo Aircraft only

Updated: SAS Cargo guide to transport of Lithium Batteries 


ELI / ELM batteries under ADR/IMDG

A guide to the restrictions and requirement for transporting ELI/ELM batteries by road or sea under ADR/IMDG regulations can be found here:

Transport of ELI/ELM by road or sea


Updated 17th of January 2017 



Guidance Material

Small Vehicles Powered by Lithium Batteries – Cargo Provisions 

IATA issued a notice on the classification of small lithium battery-powered vehicles when shipped as cargo and the provisions that apply, specifically the wording of Special Provision A214. Devices such as balance wheels, air wheels, solo wheels, mini balance boards and hoverboards, are classified as UN 3171, battery-powered vehicles. 


To assist operators in meeting the soon to be effective ICAO’s requirement (Annex 6 Chapter 15 – Cargo Compartment Safety) for conducting safety risk assessments, the Lithium Battery Risk Assessment Guidance for Operators (pdf) has been updated, which focuses on the potential hazards and risk mitigation measures associated with the transport of lithium batteries.


To assist shippers in understanding the complete requirements related to the transport of lithium batteries, including packing instructions, IATA has prepared the updated Lithium Battery Guidance Document (pdf). This 2022 guidance document includes updated and additional FAQs for shippers to learn how to comply with the 64rd (2023) Edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) on definitions, classifications, exceptions, and prohibitions. 


Other relevant documents for the transportation of Lithium Batteries can be found on IATA’s website.

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