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Conditions of carriage

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Conditions of carriage

When customers buy airfreight, they buy speed and reliability. They have every right to expect their shipment to arrive at its destination at the agreed time. 

At SAS Cargo we take this quality commitment very seriously. We work in a dedicated and systematic manner, with quality improvement as our main focus. We have been ISO-14000 certified for many years. 

To provide the highest possible quality, airlines and forwarders must work together to ensure that all parts of the transport chain are equally strong, and that we each fulfill our part as agreed. 

The steps required to make a shipment "Ready for Carriage", "Ready for Booking" or "Ready for Claim" are neither new nor complicated. They have been agreed on for many years and are understood as a matter of simple logic. Today, they are more important than ever. 

Let's work together to provide the quality necessary for an even better airfreight business for all concerned.

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