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Air Waybill Rules

AWB, Air Waybill, paper Air Waybill

Air Waybill conditions of Contract, and use of neutral Air Waybills.

In accordance with IATA Cargo Services Conference Resolution 600b, the Conditions of Contract are printed on the back of the Air Waybill. When you use our normal ordering procedure for pre-printed Air Waybills, SAS Cargo will ensure that you receive the current version.
It should be noted, that we allow use of neutral Air Waybills, but they must meet precisely the same specifications and requirements as pre-printed Air Waybills. Pre-printed information regarding terms must not be removed (see the encircled section on the picture below).

For more information we recommend that you download and read the official information from IATA - see link ín the upper right corner.


We would like to highlight the necessity of using the correct IATA-version and signing paper Air Waybills.
It is mandatory to fill out both these fields on paper AWBs as follows:
1. When not preprinted, the print/stamp/signature of the shipper or its agent 
2. When not preprinted, the print/stamp/signature of issuing carrier or its agent
If both these mandatory fields are not filled on the paper AWBs at acceptance, SAS Cargo will charge a CCA fee in accordance to local surcharge fee.

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