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Pharma shipments (PIL) – R4C



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Pharma shipments (PIL) – R4C

Shipments must be presented ready for Carriage according to IATA rules and regulations.
A Temperature sensitive shipment can only be accepted and forwarded when the below conditions are met:

  • COL – Refrigerated products to be maintained at +2°C to + 8°C
  • CRT - Controlled room temperature products to be maintained between +15°C to +25°C
  • ERT - Extended Room Temperature +2°C to +25°C
  • FRO – Deep frozen to be maintained at -10°C or cooler
  • The procedure in IATA TACT 2.3 for acceptance of “Time and Temperature Sensitive” is met.
  • For shipments containing pharmaceutical or healthcare goods this must be clearly stated in the Handling Information of Master Air Waybill together with the appropriate temperature range, e.g. +2°C to + 8°C.
  • Only one temperature range per shipment (AWB) is allowed.
  • A 24h emergency telephone number(s) must be stated on the Master Air Waybill.
  • The shipment must be duly booked with relevant Special Handling code PIL with corresponding code  COL, CRT, ERT or FRO depending on the required temperature range to ensure appropriate handling.

IATAs special TIME & TEMPERATURE SENSITIVE Label must be used and the transportation temperature range specified on the label must match the transportation temperature range stated on the Air Waybill.

In the event where the shipper fails to complete the lower half of the label or in case of discrepancy, the transportation temperature indicated on the Air Waybill prevails.

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