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2020-12-09 SAS Cargo extends partnership with Unisys to further expand its digital customer offerings.

SAS Cargo extends partnership with Unisys to further expand its digital customer offerings.

SAS Cargo adds Unisys’ Cargo Portal platform with dynamic pricing, eBooking and tracking to its digital services available to customers in over 100 countries.

SAS Cargo Group A/S and Unisys Corporation have extended their partnership with SAS Cargo now offering its air freight services through Unisys’ Cargo Portal platform. Via Cargo Portal, SAS Cargo’s dynamic pricing and eBookings will be instantly available to more than 6,000 customers worldwide.

“Our partnership with Unisys supports our dedication to digital-first services. Our objective is to drive the digital transformation of air cargo by making it easier to do business and deliver a first-class customer experience. Unisys helps us with this objective and the portal will increase SAS Cargo’s visibility to customers with booking needs. We are extremely excited about leveraging the Cargo Portal community, reaching new clients and growing our self-service booking quota,” says Leif Rasmussen, President and CEO at SAS Cargo.

“Unisys has supported SAS Cargo since 2003 and we look forward to expanding its digital capabilities with Cargo Portal to meet customer requirements quickly and easily,” commented Bill Brown, Vice President and General Manager, Unisys EMEA. "Cargo Portal provides the opportunity to address new revenue streams and provide a great user experience by simplifying the booking and freight management process.”

2020-09-21 SAS Cargo successfully completes the CEIV Pharma re-certification remotely

SAS Cargo successfully completes the CEIV Pharma re-certification remotely

SAS Cargo has successfully completed the IATA CEIV (Center of Excellence for Independent Validators) Pharma re-certification and was one of the first in the industry to perform a full audit of all its pharma processes remotely.  

The IATA CEIV Pharma certification was developed to meet the needs of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and sets the standard ensuring the highest service and quality standards through uniform processes and a compliant network for pharmaceutical shipments via airfreight.  

The emergence of COVID-19 and its related worldwide travel restrictions, combined with the continuous need to conduct audits for certifications and re-certifications, has led to a need for finding alternatives to the traditional face-to-face audit.  Undertaking a remote audit provides better outcomes than no audit at all. To achieve this, IATA has integrated guidance provided by the Healthcare sector, Health Authorities, and certification bodies on how to manage the program to be compliant.

“The transport and handling of pharmaceuticals creates both challenges and opportunities for all cold chain industry participants, even in the best of times,’’ says Nick Careen, IATA’s Senior Vice President, Airport, Passenger, Cargo and Security (APCS). “In the middle of a global pandemic, those challenges are greatly exacerbated, while the need for safe transport of potentially life-saving products is even more pressing. But we are a resilient industry, and we always will find solutions to put safety first. We congratulate SAS Cargo on successfully completing their CEIV Pharma re-certification, offered by IATA in a stringent remote process to ensure continued gold-standard transport and handling of this critical cargo, even in these tough times.”

The IATA appointed independent assessment focuses on the quality assurance processes, operational and technical innovation, risk management, and the preservation of all relevant shipment data along the entire logistics chain. The successful re-certification reaffirms SAS Cargo’s ability to safely handle high value, time-sensitive, and temperature-controlled pharmaceutical cargo with speed, reliability, and efficiency.  

"During COVID-19 air freight has been a vital partner in delivering much-needed medicines, medical and protective equipment as well as in keeping global supply chains functioning for the most time- and temperature-sensitive goods. It has never been more crucial meeting the specific needs of the life science and health care industry than now. By receiving the re-certification for IATA CEIV Pharma we clearly demonstrate our continuous focus on delivering the highest quality and being a reliable partner for transporting temperature-sensitive products," says Leif Rasmussen, President & CEO of SAS Cargo. 

“In collaboration with our handling partners, our primary purpose is to ensure that SAS Pharma Cargo shipments are forwarded as booked and that the shipment is transported and stored within the agreed temperature”, says Lone Riise, Acting Head of Handling & Quality Management at SAS Cargo. “The remote audit and re-certification went very smoothly, and we were extremely pleased with the remote audit process put in place”, Riise continues.  

This renewed certificate, initially obtained in 2017, is applicable for a period of another three years. 

2020-08-17 SAS Cargo partners with Novo Nordisk to secure transport of medicines

SAS Cargo partners with Novo Nordisk to secure transport of medicines

SAS Cargo today announced that they have signed an agreement with Novo Nordisk to secure capacity to transport life-saving medicines during these highly challenging and unpredictable times.

The relationship between SAS Cargo and Novo Nordisk goes back a long time. When air freight was still in its infancy at the end of the 1960s and Novo Nordisk needed to transport insulin and enzymes quickly and safely around the world, Novo Nordisk turned to SAS who was hailed as the best airline in the world in the 1960s. 

These two strong companies with extensive geographical reach from Scandinavia have several things in common. Apart from the core structure and company values being based on the Scandinavian DNA, one key element dominates both companies’ way of doing business: they never compromise on quality. SAS Cargo leads the IATA ranking of air freight quality by continuously maintaining their number one position.

SAS Cargo and Novo Nordisk also have a very strong sustainability agenda in common. SAS has recently invested in a new aircraft fleet – the A350 – which reduces the fuel consumption compared with the aircraft it replaces, leading to reduced carbon emissions by up to 30 percent. The external noise footprint is also reduced by 40 percent. CO2 offset and the option to purchase biofuel are among many other sustainability initiatives that SAS offers their customers. Making every flight, and thereby every cargo flight, more sustainable. 

Novo Nordisk has an ambitious program to achieve zero environmental impact. This agreement with SAS Cargo will ensure that Novo Nordisk is one step closer to realizing its Circular for Zero ambitions, as the proportion of biofuel used on its flights is significantly increased.

“We are extremely proud to enter this agreement with one of our most long-standing and loyal partners. We strive for excellence in many areas but transporting life-saving medicines in a safe and reliable way is what we do best. Being based in one of Europe’s strongest life-science clusters, Medicon Valley, has enabled us to gain extensive experience of transporting time- and temperature sensitive products. It’s a great acknowledgement to have one of the largest pharma companies in the world entering an agreement for continuous transport of their most precious shipments”, says Leif Rasmussen, President & CEO, SAS Cargo. “Our pharma product offering means we have special handling procedures and cooling facilities for the most sensitive shipments and being certified by IATA (CEIV certified) guarantees the absolutely highest standard possible”, continues Leif Rasmussen.  

“We are very pleased to enter into this agreement with SAS Cargo. It will ensure a safe, reliable and more environmentally friendly transport of our products. And it will provide a distribution setup which ensures that patients worldwide can be assured that - even in times of crisis - they will get their medicine.”, says Rune Sylow, Corporate Vice President of Strategic Sourcing in Novo Nordisk.



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2020-05-29 Reopening routes

Reopening routes

More and more countries are easing their travel restrictions, which enables us to resume flights to several destinations from June onwards. Read more here.

For updates on resumed flights:

Please visit SAS traffic program

We are very much looking forward to being back in the air and meeting your needs for urgent transport. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate in contacting your local sales support. 
2020-04-02 Information regarding cancelled SAS flights due to COVID-19

Information regarding cancelled SAS flights due to COVID-19

Dear customer, 


We deeply regret that some of our customers will be affected by the cancelled flights due to COVID-19. 

For more information on latest traffic situation:

Please visit SAS updates


For any questions related to your shipment, please contact your local customer support center.

2020-03-24 Changed opening hours Customer Support

Changed opening hours Customer Support

Dear valued customer,

The current COVID-19 situation and the implemented measures by national authorities around the world, have dramatically impacted the global travel pattern negatively. 

This has forced SAS to temporarily reduce the traffic program significantly, which has led to SAS Cargo capacity being severely reduced.

While we are waiting for the necessary prerequisites for commercial air traffic to return, we have, from Tuesday 24th of March, decided to adjust our opening hours to:

Nordic CSC
Monday – Sunday: 08:00-02:00 CET
Phone +45 32322317
Email will only be open for request between 08:00-16:00 CET Monday to Sunday.

Monday to Sunday: 07:00-19:00 CST
Phone +1 800 742 0727

We wish you and your family all the best during these challenging times and we are very much looking forward to get back to you when we are all back in the air again.

2020-02-06 SAS Cargo continues to lead the world in delivering air freight quality

SAS Cargo continues to lead the world in delivering air freight quality

The December 2019 results of the Cargo iQ benchmark and standards has just been released and they show that SAS Cargo maintains the leading position as the world No 1 in delivering air freight quality. 

Yet again, SAS Cargo was ranked No 1 according to the IATA Customer Promise Performance Index. SAS Cargo has now been ranked number one worldwide for several consecutive months.

“Quality is a vital part of our DNA and being ranked as No 1 in the world yet again is a very satisfactory result of our continuous commitment to offer the highest possible standards to our customers”, says Leif Rasmussen, President and CEO, SAS Cargo Group A/S.
Cargo iQ is an IATA driven organization with the mission of creating and implementing quality standards for the worldwide airfreight industry. The IATA Customer Promise Performance Index is a very important benchmarking index as it reflects a fixed and standardized mutual measurement of quality between carriers and forwarders.
“We put safety and quality at the forefront of our work and we are very proud to continue to deliver top safety and quality as we know this is the most important part to our customers”, says Erling Kirkeby, Head of Handling & Quality Management, SAS Cargo.
“In our daily work we are constantly improving our processes. We have structured follow-ups of KPIs and a continuous dialogue with our Handling Agents in order to secure both corrective measures and a proactive approach to potential improvement areas. I am very happy and proud to see these efforts have led to such satisfactory results”,
Erling Kirkeby continues.
2020-02-04 Summer 2020 schedule and a new destination

Summer 2020 schedule and a new destination

On March 29 our Summer 2020 schedule will begin. Below you can see the changes compared to last year's summer schedule and the current Winter 2019 schedule

The schedule resembles last year’s summer schedule a lot, with a few changes: 

  • The late Copenhagen-New York route (CPH-EWR) now operates daily 
  • The Los Angeles route have been moved to Copenhagen (CPH) and now operates daily
  • The Copenhagen-Boston route (CPH-BOS) operates daily most of the schedule and will be operated by an Airbus A321LR from September 18.
  • There will be daily operations to Miami from September 18 (shared among CPH/ARN/OSL) and have fewer operations in April.
  • The Copenhagen-Tokyo route will change airport from Narita (NRT) to Haneda (HND).

Compared to our Winter 2019 schedule, we have more capacity (because of less maintenance);

  • The late Copenhagen-New York route (CPH-EWR) is back (SK901/902)
  • The Copenhagen-Los Angeles (CPH-LAX) route increases to daily operations
  • The Tokyo route increases to daily operations and change airport to Haneda (HND)
  • The Copenhagen-Boston route (CPH-BOS) resumes
  • The Stockholm-Miami route (ARN-MIA) resumes from September 18, and all the Miami schedules will be changed.

You can see our full Summer 2020 schedule here:
SAS Cargo Summer 2020 Schedule

SAS opens new route to Warsaw from Stockholm.

Starting 1 May 2020, SAS will fly non-stop between Stockholm and Poland’s capital Warsaw. The new route from Stockholm, Arlanda, increases the accessibility to one of the most important business hubs in the region and will be complementing the existing SAS route from Copenhagen to Warsaw.

The new route will operate twice daily on weekdays.

Search all our flight and trucking schedules here

2020-01-07 Correct use of pharma (PIL) label

Correct use of pharma (PIL) label

When you are shipping your pharma shipment with our SAS Pharma Cargo product, it is important that all pieces are correctly marked with the Time & Temperature sensitive label marked with required temperature range.

This label enables a smooth and safe acceptance control of your shipment and secures that it is handled and stored at required conditions


Pharma, productsPIL label


Other shipments with temperature storage requirements.


For other shipments with temperature storage requirements it is not allowed to use the Time & Temperature sensitive label.

For a shipment which requires cooling it is enough to book with special handling code (ex COL, ERT, CRT, FRO). It is not necessary to use a specific label. If you want to use a label on the parcel for own purposes, then please use another label which cannot be confused with above label.


SAS General CargoPIL label crossed out