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2018-10-04 SAS Cargo number one in the world on delivering air freight quality

SAS Cargo number one in the world on delivering air freight quality

The August results of the new Cargo iQ benchmark, the Customer Promise Performance Index, show that SAS Cargo takes lead as the world number one in delivering airfreight quality.
Quality is a vital part of our DNA and being ranked as number one in the world is a very satisfactory result of our continuous commitment to offer the highest possible standards to our customers, says Leif Rasmussen, President and CEO, SAS Cargo Group A/S.
Cargo iQ is an IATA driven organization with the mission of creating and implementing quality standards for the worldwide airfreight industry. As we put quality at the forefront of our work, we have for a long time had a position amongst the very top in the iQ benchmarking; we were ranked number one in Europe in eight out of twelve months during last year. Becoming number one worldwide is something we have strived for and we are very proud to have reached this important goal, says Erling Kirkeby, Head of Handling & Quality Management, SAS Cargo.

2018-07-04 SAS and Preem announce biojet cooperation

SAS and Preem announce biojet cooperation

Biofuel can reduce CO2 emissions from flying with up to 80 percent. In 2030, SAS aim to utilize an amount of biofuel equaling the consumption from domestic flights.

Read about SAS Preem biojet cooperation here

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2018-06-20 SAS opens new route from Copenhagen to Hong Kong

SAS opens new route from Copenhagen to Hong Kong

In October, SAS will open a new route from Copenhagen to Hong Kong. This means that the route that currently flies from Stockholm, Arlanda, to Hong Kong, will be moved to Copenhagen, Kastrup, starting from the 2018 winter program. 

Since launching the route three years ago, SAS has faced challenges when it comes to profitability on the Stockholm-Hong Kong route. However, thanks to a new airport slot, SAS will now be able to offer a more attractive timetable with in demand night flights to and from Hong Kong. 
In order to be able to exploit the new airport slot and offer a night flight to Scandinavia from Hong Kong, the route needs to be flown from Copenhagen for operational reasons.
“We look forward to being able to offer our customers a better timetable with attractive night flights to and from Kastrup. Obviously, it’s sad that we’re moving from Stockholm, but in this case, Copenhagen offers better long-term opportunities that will enable us to further improve the SAS customer experience,” says Karl Sandlund, EVP Commercial, at SAS.
SAS will fly from Copenhagen to Hong Kong five days a week with good connections from Stockholm, the rest of Scandinavia and the whole of northern Europe. The opportunity to fly from Copenhagen offers good long-term market prospects with a large catchment area and operational advantages.
“SAS has a strong presence at all the major Scandinavian airports. It is important for us to review all our routes on a continuous basis in order to be able to maximize the benefits for both passengers and our profitability,” Sandlund says.

Schedule information:

Schedule W18/19 (local time)

Flight  From/To First Flight Days STD STA
SK965 CPH - HKG 28-OCT-18 . . 3 4 5 6 7 20:55 14:45 +1
SK966 HKG - CPH 28-OCT-18 . 2 . . 5 6 7  01:20 06:20
SK966 HKG - CPH 29-OCT-18 1 . . . . . . . 01:35 06:35


Current S18 schedule (local time)

Flight From/To Last Flight Days STD STA
SK963  ARN - HKG 27-oct-18 1 . . 4 5 6 7 15:00 07:20 +1
SK994 HKG - ARN 27-OCT-18 1 2 . . 5 6 7 09:20 14:40

2018-05-31 SAS recognized as most efficient and environmental friendly airline

SAS recognized as most efficient and environmental friendly airline

SAS has been recognized as the most efficient and environmental friendly airline among all worldwide airlines flying in and out of Heathrow Airport London, during the first quarter of 2018.

Meet us in Star Alliance's home at Heathrow - The Queen's Terminal (Terminal 2).

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2018-03-01 SAS Cargo CEIV certified gateways
SAS Cargo’s three main gateways receive CEIV certification.

SAS Cargo CEIV certified gateways

Copenhagen, March 1, 2018



SAS Cargo, the leading air cargo carrier to, from and within Scandinavia, receives CEIV (Center of Excellence for Independent Validators) certification for all its’ main gateways.


With its head office placed right in the middle of one of Europe’s strongest life science cluster – Medicon Valley – the safe transportation of pharmaceutical products has always been a top priority for SAS Cargo. Already back in the 1960s, when air freight was still in its infancy, SAS Cargo provided air freight solutions to strong pharmaceutical brands with international reach.

In order to offer further excellence to a growing pharma market and to meet the standards required by the pharmaceutical industry, SAS Cargo has, in addition to having its facilities and processes certified, launched a new Pharma service – SAS Pharma Cargo.

“The IATA CEIV certification includes procedures, training of staff at all stations, an upgrade of the facilities as well as quality management. In addition to making sure our services meet global regulations, we have launched our new pharma product – SAS Pharma Cargo - which offers our customers the ideal environment for handling temperature-sensitive cargo across the entire supply chain,” says Erling Kirkeby, Head of Handling & Quality Management, SAS Cargo.

By obtaining the CEIV-Pharma certification, SAS Cargo and its’ handling partner at Copenhagen, Oslo and Arlanda airports - Spirit Air Cargo - is in full compliance with all applicable handling standards expected from pharma manufacturers, in terms of its facilities, equipment, operations and staff. The certification also demonstrates that SAS Cargo is able to provide a seamless cool chain transport safeguarding the quality and integrity of temperature-sensitive products.


“Patient safety is a collaborative responsibility, and we are pleased to see that our joint efforts with SAS Cargo in training staff, upgrading facilities and validating processes has resulted in this important and high handling standard. It’s a new milestone for us at Spirit”, says Ole Madsen, Head of Spirit Air Cargo Handling Denmark.

The new pharma product, SAS Pharma Cargo, enables SAS Cargo to monitor the shipments through active GPS trackers; assuring accurate temperature is kept to safeguard correct handling.

“The Pharmaceutical industry rightly expects the highest standards and performance when transporting their temperature sensitive goods. We intend to add real value to the needs of the industry. The SAS Cargo IATA CEIV certification confirms our commitment to continue to develop and offer the highest possible standards to our customers”, says Leif Rasmussen, President and CEO, SAS Cargo.

Leif Rasmussen continues: “With over a 1000 daily flights, of which 30 are intercontinental, fully IATA CEIV certified hubs in Scandinavia, a dedicated pharma service and a 24/7 advanced on-line booking system, SAS Cargo offers full transparency and handling excellence.”


Book SAS Pharma Cargo online: or contact your local sales support for more information.

2018-02-08 JFK location is moving

JFK location is moving

JFK location will be moving effective Monday February 12, 2018

World Wide Flight Services (WFS)
Building 75, North Hangar Road
Jamaica, NY 11430 USA
+1 718 656 3910

2018-01-23 Chinese New Year cancellations

Chinese New Year cancellations

Due to Chinese New Year there will be a few cancellations between 15-20 February.
Please see below details.