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Lithium batteries

ELI/ELM batteries under ADR/IMDG

A guide to the restrictions and requirement for transporting ELI/ELM batteries by road or sea under ADR/IMDG regulations can be found here:

Transport of ELI/ELM by road or sea 

Updated 17th of January 2017.


Lithium metal batteries transportation update.


UN3090 - Lithium metal batteries transported as cargo, will not be accepted for carriage on Scandinavian Airlines aircraft. 

UN3480 – Lithium ion cells and batteries, including lithium polymer cells and batteries, prepared in accordance with Section IA, IB and II of Packing Instruction 965, will not be accepted for carriage on Scandinavian Airlines aircraft.

NEW Document: SAS Cargo guide to transport of Lithium Batteries


Update !

New restrictions on the transport of Lithium Batteries will come into effect 1 April 2016.  Changes are described in the document below. 

Check the Lithium battery update for 2016-III


Small Vehicles Powered by Lithium Batteries – Cargo Provisions 

This notice is in response to questions raised by operators regarding the classification of small vehicles that are powered by lithium ion batteries when shipped as cargo, specifically whether the classification should be UN 3171, Battery-powered vehicle, or UN 3481, Lithium ion batteries contained in equipment.


Guidance material.

Download the Guidance Document developed by IATA for complying with the 58th (2017) Edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) on:

  • Definitions, classification, exceptions, prohibitions
  • Packaging
  • Passenger Provisions
  • Frequently asked questions and their answers  


To assist shippers in understanding the complete requirements related to the transport of lithium batteries, including packing instructions, IATA has prepared the Lithium Battery Shipping Guidelines (LBSG).

Other relevant documents for the transportation of Lithium Batteries can be found on IATA’s website.

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